Export Model command ends prematurely

I have the following selections in window 1/2 of the export model command. When I select the Next button the window closes and nothing happens. I have tried changing the phase, format, room height, and volumes selections, but that doesn’t change the result.

Hi @edixon,

Can you share this model with us privately to test on our side? Also, can you share the logs?

@mostapha I am receiving a similar error, whereby the room processing task freezes at the first room (this happens for all levels). This occurs on an office VDI.

The same model appeared to work fine on a different PC (same Revit 2022, same Pollination plugin version).
Could you advise on whether this depends on the problematic blocking certain python scripts and if so which ones should be enabled? Thanks!

Hi @abotti, Yours can be a different scenario. We had a case before that it was because of the details of the opening. That is being fixed. Can you share your model with us to inspect?

Hi @edixon, I saw that you shared your model in a private message. Thank you! I’ll take a look and report back.