Export Shades Only

Hello -

What do you all think about adding ability to export shading only from Revit plugin? It looks like you need rooms selected to export shading.

Often I’ll export and clean room geometry, then I’ll go back to Revit and just want select shading devices but no rooms. I suppose, I could export single room and then delete but would appreciate ability to just export shading. Especially for large models where it takes a while to process the rooms.

I thought we already support this! Konrad, can you check and see what is going on here?

@mostapha I don’t think we can do that. The requirement for a valid Building is to have at least one Story, while requirement for a valid Story is to have at least one Room. If you don’t select any rooms, you are not going to be able to create a valid model.

@chriswmackey am I right here in terms of the model requirements? Can those be loosened up?

@chriswmackey can provide a better and more accurate response but from what I remember, and at least for HBJSON, it is valid to have a model that only includes shades. It might be required for a Dragonfly mode. Since in the new version we are exporting HBJSON files for all the models we should be able to export the model with no rooms.

As you can see here the rooms is an optional input while the buildings is a required input.

@mostapha yes, you are right. HBJSON allows for that. I just submitted a fix for that to make sure we use HBJSON if only shades are selected. Should be in the next release.

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Hey @ksobon ,

I can also confirm that a Dragonfly Model does not need to have a Building in order to be valid. You can have a Dragonfly Model that is composed entirely of ContextShade and this will be valid.

So either pathway supports the export of a shade-only model.

But, yes, you shouldn’t be trying to export a Dragonfly Building without a Story. Just make the Dragonfly Model with just context_shade and no buildings. I realize that the link in the docs says that the buildings are required right now but this is a bug in the docs/OpenAPI specification that I’m fixing now.

Hey @ksobon - I tried this feature in version 2.125.1 but I still get the same message and nothing gets exported.


@mostapha ok, I think I got that fixed. Should be good to go in the next build.