Export the parametric result to excel file

I am a new pollination user and wonder how I can export the results of the parametric run from hbjson file to an excel file. something like what I get from Colibri.


Hi @arefeh,

Yes. You can use Colibri in combination with Pollination Grasshopper components to create that. Here is an example. If you are using one of the latest versions of the recipe that creates a visualization set you can visualize the results with a single component.

Make sure to right-click on the Pollination component and uncheck the Non-blocking item so the component blocks the Grasshopper script until it loads/downloads the results, otherwise, you will be missing a few of the options.


@chriswmackey, is there a component to set the lower and higher bounds for the 2D legend? It uses the range of the results and ends up being different in every image.


Normally, that would be LB Legend Parameters but that would happen prior to the creation of the VisualizationSet (eg. when setting up a Sunpath with data plotted on it).

Granted, I can add an input for leg_par_ on that “Preview Visualization Set” component that overwrites whatever legend parameters were previously assigned on the VisualizationSet. It would be a little redundant for many of the Ladybug Tools workflows but I see why it’s useful for cases like this and I’ll do it if you think this component is the right place for it. I guess the other option would be implementing something like this on the “PO Visualization Set” component, which might make sense given that the workflow above is more of a Pollination workflow but would also change the fact that this pollination component is a parameter component with one input and output.


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Hey @chris,

I agree that it feels redundant but I think it has its own use cases. It can also be useful in Ladybug Tools as we are going to generate more and more VisualizationSets from recipes.

Also, how would one select a different dataset than the default dataset to visualize? Say for the annual daylight, is it possible to visualize all the different metrics besides the default UDI?

I added some options that let you further customize the legend and optionally select a specific data set for the cases where it’s applicable:

I think this should address all of the issues noted here.