Exporting apertures with multiple opening panes issue

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Have you had an issue with exporting apertures with multiple opening panes? In my case, I was not able to export the top-opening pane to IES. The width and base height of the window are about the same; however, the height is 10% smaller due to missing top opening. Apparently, this can be fixed in IES with tweaking the height of the windows. So, just wondering if there is some other way to do it through Revit plug-in?

Revit Model

Gem file for IES



Hi @hlkocalioglu, Can you check and make sure the geometry for the top part of the CW is visible? I have seen this frequently for operable windows. The Revit plugin uses the geometry for the calculation and ignores the ones that are not visible.

As always, sharing a sample model will be helpful to debug the issue on our end.

Here is an update. The issue was from the Revit plugin routine. To resolve the issue temporarily you need to make sure that the rooms are extruded to the top of the apertures otherwise the apertures will be cut at the height of the room.

We have already fixed this issue and the fix will be available in the next public release. I keep this topic open until then.

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This bug has been fixed in the latest release of the Revit plugin.