Extrade2DPlans and Extrude2DPlans not keeping Room properties

I am using PO_Extract2DPlans on a Room and then PO_Extrude2DPlans to fix some geometry modeling problems (mostly non-planar surfaces). However, when using this process on a PO Room, the properties are lost and I need to create a new Room with the Select Geometry option.

The Room name stays in the PO Rhino window but there is no geometry associated with the name. Turning on Color by face type shows that it is not a PO Room. It’s not until I close and reopen Rhino 7 that the false Room name disappears. Closing and reopening Rhino does not assign the Extrude2D room to the previous Room, a new room has to be made with the geometry.

Seems like something might be broken.

Hi @justinshultz, do you know about the PO_AlignToGrids command? It provides similar functionalities for 3D models and keeps the properties. We added this command specifically for cases like this one. The 2D commands are mainly useful for geometries.

See this topic: Fixes for small alignment errors? - Rhino Plugin - Pollination Discourse

Hi @mostapha checking out the video now. I’ve been using GridSnap for most of the model but a part of the building is angular so snapping to grid only gets me so far. Does this process work on a geometry like so?

Hi @justinshultz PO_AlignToGrids still doesn’t support angular grids.

We are now supporting aligning to non-orthogonal grids. See here:

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