Failed Simulation: Annual daylight

Hello, I am trying to run an annual-daylight simulation.

This run failed without an error log.

I ran a similar model just a few hours ago which worked. I checked the grid, seems fine. Is there anything I am missing out on? Thank you in advance for the help! :slight_smile:

It fails at CreateOctree and CreateOctree with Suns

Hi @ketan, Thank you for reporting the issue and sorry for the late reply.

From the error message it looks like your input model has some issue that fails Radiance’s octree command. I will try to re-run it on my side and report back later today.

Meanwhile just checking your model on Pollination it looks like there are some issues in the geometry. It might also be our viewer. I can’t tell without checking the model locally. How did you prepare your model? I suspect the model has some linear long geometry that Radiance fails to resolve when it’s trying to create the octree.

Hi @mostapha , Thank you for the response.

I tried the same simulation on another account and machine and it works.

Thank you for pointing out the issue in the geometry. Please see the workflow attached.

The vectors for extrusion were not entwined and caused an error for one instance of the window, resulting in multiple overlapping surfaces instead of one intersection for that particular window. This model also failed on HB 1.2.0. at Radiance’s octree command.

I will try running it again with the new geometry and post an update.
Congratulations on the great work with Pollination!

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Hi @ketan! Thank you for the explanation and the graphics. Makes sense. Having several multiple overlapping faces can result in Radiance’s failure to create an octree. Let me know if it didn’t work after the new fix and will have a closer look. Thanks.