GBXML export to DesignBuilder - Missing Zones


Just wondering if someone could help me with this issue. I am trying to export this model’s gbxml file from Revit to DesignBuilder, but some zones are missing.

I have included the hbsjon file so you could check in Rhino.
HoneybeeModel3.hbjson (7.3 MB)


Hi @jionntan - Thank you for posting your question here. Can you be more specific about the missing rooms? Which ones are missing? Did you get a warning or an error message from DesignBuilder? Also, do the missing rooms show up in the online viewer?

I’m trying to understand where is the right starting point to address this issue.

UPDATE - I tested it with Spider and all the rooms go through as expected. There are 27 zones. (96.4 KB)

One more update:

I tried importing the model into DesignBuilder. It doesn’t give me any errors but I can see that the number of zones is not the same.

Am I right that the interior rooms are missing? It looks like they have been interpreted as skylights.

This looks more like an issue on gbXML export in DesignBuilder. That said, I don’t have the latest version of DesignBuilder. I know they have been making some improvements. Did you try to contact their support? If they can point out how they would need the gbXML to be exported to resolve the issues, we can try to make that happen so you can use it for your studies.

Hey @mostapha!

Thank you for the feedback! and sorry for late reply.

I figured out the problem.

I realized vertical spaces like elevator shaft, stairwell, and atrium need to be divided into respective floor in order to be transferred correctly using gbXML, do you have any suggestion on exporting vertical spaces?


Hi @jionntan,

Great work! I think what you mean here is that you need to divide them in order for them to be correctly imported to DesignBuilder. If you check the screenshot that I shared above the rooms are exported correctly to the gbXML file and are loaded correctly in Spider. I also tested with the OpenStudio gbXML importer and I can see them in the model. That tells me that the rooms are exported correctly but the import routine for DesignBuilder expects them to be separated in floors.

I think you should first get in touch with the DesignBuilder team and see if they can improve their import routine for gbXML files. If that’s not possible then we can add a command to make splitting the room into several stories easier for you.