Grasshoper plugin installation issue

Hi @Mostapha . I tried to install the plugin from the website. When I double-clicked on the installer and clicked install, it did not show any further option and wrote installation successfully. But I could not find the plugin in grasshopper canvas.

To add to the above issue sometimes I am also getting a pop-up when I double click

Hi @asisnath,
Thanks for trying Pollination Grasshopper plugin.

Can you confirm that you don’t have the following panel?

Also, do you have multiple installations of pollination?

Hi @devang . Thanks for looking into it. I don’t have the Pollination panel and I can assure you that it is not installing anything. NO Devang this is the only device I am using for pollination

Thanks for confirming. @Mingbo, should be able to help.

Thanks @asisnath, for reporting this issue. I wonder if it’s happening for the same reason that you’re facing the issue here:

It seems the installer can’t find the user folder on your computer.

I think that might be the reason @Mostapha . Can you please suggest what steps should I follow?

Hi @asisnath, do you have Rhino open while installing it? if yes, please close it first. Do you have Rhino 6 installed on your machine? This installer requires Rhino 6.
Let me know if this helps.

Thanks @Mingbo @Mostapha @devang for helping me out. Mingbo is correct. If someone has rhino 7 installed they have to have rhino 6 to install pollination. My bad I formatted my system earlier today before reading this message, thinking there some issue in windows package. I reinstalled every thing again with rhino 7 and 6 and it installs seamlessly. I think in the instruction manual Rhino 6 should be mentioned (I couldn’t see that line).
Now some new things to learn. Cheers!

Hi @asisnath
I just added supports for rhino 7 in installer. It should be fine with a new release.