HB Load gbxml 1.3.2

HI Id just update the grasshopper plugin to the 1.3 version.
I’m trying to get my OSM files to load them in grasshopper set the grids and then get the recipes from pollination to run them in the cloud.
With the HB load gbxml component (1.3.2) now I’m getting this warning message

  1. Solution exception: Failed to apply energy properties to the Model: unit_type Massflowrate is not recognized.
    Choose from the following:
    (‘Mode’, ‘Availability’, ‘Control’, ‘Temperature’, ‘Power’, ‘ConvectionCoefficient’, ‘Percent’, ‘PrecipitationRate’, ‘Velocity’, ‘Angle’, ‘DeltaTemperature’, ‘Dimensionless’, ‘ActivityLevel’, ‘Capacity’)

I’m sharing my hbjson and grh files. OSM and EPW files!
are not supported in this message. So This is the link to get them.

Note: HB load gbXML component was working fine in the 1.2 version.flujo de trabajo osm a pollination.gh (82.9 KB)
Processing: vm_pm_tpvc_ca.osm…Processing: Nestle-hour.epw…

Hi @sobradopablo, This issue is not related to Pollination’s Grasshopper component. You should post this question to the Ladybug Tools forum: