Hb-object names and IDs

Hi @mostapha and @chriswmackey,

Can there be an automated way to override the aperture/room names/IDs in Pollination or even LBT?

I imported the model from IES and want to implement an EMS-based roller shade controller, but apparently, EMS does not accept aperture names where: 1) starts with a numerical number which I could fix this with adding a prefix to the zone/aperture names, and 2) has “-” character within the name.

Even when we change the name, the ID will remain the same.



Hi, @amirtabadkani - To get started search the forum for the PO_ResetIdentifier command. I think I even recorded a video at some point to show how it works.

There is also an HB Set Identifier component in the Honeybee plugin for Grasshopper that can help you with changing the identifiers.

I can write a longer answer tomorrow if this doesn’t solve the problem.

Hi, @amirtabadkani - was the answer helpful? Do you have any follow-up questions?

@mostapha yep thank you