hbJSON - Rectangular Fenestrations Only?

Hello! I’m working on what basically is a storefront door, which looks like:

Both are discovered, and then end up overlapping like so:

I’m new to hbJSON. It infers that it is a rectangular window:

Is it similar to E+ in that sense, that fenestrations can have at most 4 vertices? Apologies if this is documented somewhere, I’m new to this ladybug tools world

There is no such limitation in the HBJSON schema and Ladybug Tools / Pollination world. Here is an example:

aperture_with_several_vertices.hbjson (45.2 KB)

This is most likely a bug/limitation in the Revit plugin that exports the aperture as a single rectangle instead of the reversed U shape. Can you try breaking up the aperture and see if it works?

As a user, I feel this should be supported without the need to break it down into pieces but @ksobon is the right person to make the call about it being possible! If you can provide a sample model, we should be able to have a closer look and provide better feedback. You can always share the models privately using the private message.

Hey Konrad! I need your help here to see if you consider this a bug or a limitation based on how Revit works. Thanks!