Help creating useful models in Revit

I am rather new to Revit and also using Revit in viewer mode that result in that I can not save the Revit model. Anyway, I wonder if anyone have some tips to create useful HBjson-models using the Pollination plugin in revit. Opening the standard example in Revit causes a number number of rooms not to be exported and in most models I open I lose the roof. Also I would like to merge rooms inte larger zones most of the time.

Hi @maxt,

This is a good starting point:

You can download the cleaned up model for Revit’s sample file here which has the issues for those rooms already fixed.

That’s not possible inside the Revit plugin right now but the Rhino plugin has a command that exactly does that: PO_MergeRooms

You select one room as the source and then select the rest of the rooms to be merged with:

You can use PO_RebuildRooms afterwards to clean up the geometry and merge the co-planar faces. Keep in mind that this command resets all the boundary condition to outdoors.

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