Help making sense of peak load results

Hello! This question is probably better suited for the other forum but I’m using the pollination model component to pull the model into grasshopper, so I dont think sharing file there would be super helpful in this case.

The issue is, in a cooling based climate (North Florida) using climate zone 2 constructions, There are higher heating loads than cooling loads which isn’t making sense to me

Also, the peak loads are only giving results for one of the 20 rooms.

If anyone could take a peek at this I’d definitely appreciate it.
multi_fam_validated3dm.3dm (1.5 MB) (65.4 KB)

Hey @tfedyna ,

You’re right that this is a better question for the LBT forum. I’ll take this as a sign that I need to be better at answering questions over there (I know that I have been pretty AWOL for the last couple of weeks). Thank you for holding down the fort there, especially for a lot of E+ questions.

The answer to questions like this is always “check your room attributes” and “check the load balance”. That will tell you what is going on on your model. For example, I see that the heating setpoint for most of your Rooms is set to -100 C:

… and your cooling setpoint is 100 C: (81.8 KB)

Oh wow thanks Chris! I wonder why the program types used have these setpoints.
Thats and easy fix though! Thanks for taking a looks at this. next time I’ll check room attrs and the load balance first.

Hey @tfedyna ,

To be clear, rhe MidriseApartment::Apartment DOES NOT have those setpoints. Someone overrode the setpoints of your Model to be assigned specifically to the Rooms, which takes precedence over whatever the ProgramType says.

This is similar in principle to how values assigned specifically to Rooms in eQuest take precedence over whatever the switch statement says.

Perhaps someone used the HB Apply Setpoint Values component at some point in the life of the Model and didn’t set the Room setpoints back to None when they were finished with it.

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Interesting!! I’ll have to revisit my process and see how that happened along the way.
In the meantime, I re-selected ‘By Room Program Type’ for the offending rooms, and now the results are starting to make sense (cooling loads bigger than heating loads).
Thank you!

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