How long does it take for new projects to show up in SetupRuns?

I created a new project within my organisation’s account in the web app about half an hour ago but it still isn’t popping up when I try to “Get a recipe”.

Is it just a matter of time or is there anything else I need to do for it to get registered?

Hi @Max, it should show up right away. Can you see the project in the web app?

In that case did you change the project when you tried to load it from the Grasshopper side?


If you can’t see it when you browse then it is a bug!

One more thing to add here: for setting a recipe, the dialog only lists the projects that you have write access.
For other components, they only require all projects that you have read access.

Hi @mostapha and @mingbo,

The project I’m trying to gain access to is "Geospatial’:

This project has recipes:

And I’ve given ‘admin’ access for a team that I have named ‘Geospatial’ as well:

I am the owner of this team:

But when I look for my org’s projects I only find one out of three:

I recently renamed our ‘rail’ project - before then it used to show up.

Hi @Max,

I did a test here with a new private project. It showed up immediately after I added the project, and I didn’t even added any team to the project.

I also added a new team with the same settings that you have (team owner + admin access), everything still looks correct to me.

Maybe @antoinedao might be able to look into your issue at backend side.

Hi guys :wave: I think I have found the issue, @max it seems that the Grasshopper client you are using is a bit out of date as our API has changed slightly in the past few months.

If you download the latest version of the Pollination Grasshopper Plugin from this page your projects should show up instantly in Grasshopper!

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I can confirm that this is now working, thanks guys!

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