How to add a new Radiance modifier to the document?

Hi all,

An additional question on point in time-view recipe. I m trying to account for reflected solar radiation from adjacent building facades for glare analysis. In order to do this, I need to assign mirror material to produce secondary source reflections. As far as I can see, mirror material isn’t defined under modifiers manager.


The question is- Can I simply copy and paste it from below honeybee schema to add mirror material into my honeybee standards-radiance file? Since I dont have administrative privileges to copy&paste something into my program files folder, I dont want to raise a ticket with IT team after doing something wrong.


Hi @hlkocalioglu - You can create a new modifier by clicking on the Add button and selecting Mirror.

Edit the material and press OK.


You should see the material being added to the model.

Finally, you can assign it to a face from the face properties menu.


Keep in mind, that the mirror modifier in Radiance will only be applied to the front of the face. You can use the Dir command in Rhino o check the normal direction, and Flip it if needed.


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