How to cancel a job?

I wonder if there is a way to kill a job send to pollination?
I don’t know what i did but i have a job that is taking a LOOOOOT of time running the two rooms example, calculating Daylight factor.
Checking in the site i don’t see any results but in the GH screen i see that it is doing some post-processing.
To make things worst by mistake i think i’m running this twice.

Sorry for what is doing and will be glad to understand what i messed. here.

P.S. FYI, the post processing is still running even though i don’t see anything on the site. I closed Rhino, logged off/logged in and it still runs. 3 hours and counting …


Hi @ayezioro, looks like the use of subfolder is breaking copying the files on our side. @antoine, I suspect this is happening because of the hack for getting the relative paths to work. Here is the failing job.

@Mingbo, it would be nice to give the option to user to terminate the job from inside Grasshopper. We have an open issue for adding the option back to the UI.

The recipe is failing because the file used as an input model does not exist in the projects folder. The file in question is called 4d648d.hbjson. The backend should give you better feedback so sorry about that :smiley: @Mingbo is it possible that the Grasshopper Plugin didn’t upload the file before running the simulation? Or @ayezioro is it possible you forgot to upload it before scheduling the recipe?

FYI here is the Run object returned by the API for the failing run:

    "type": "Job",
    "annotations": {},
    "api_version": "v1beta1",
    "source": "",
    "arguments": [{
      "type": "JobPathArgument",
      "annotations": {},
      "name": "model",
      "source": {
        "type": "ProjectFolder",
        "annotations": {},
        "path": "4d648d.hbjson"
    }, {
      "type": "JobArgument",
      "annotations": {},
      "name": "radiance-parameters",
      "value": "-ab 3 -ad 5000 -lw 2e-05"
    }, {
      "type": "JobArgument",
      "annotations": {},
      "name": "sensor-count",
      "value": "120"
    "name": "Test1",
    "description": null,
    "labels": null

Thanks, I have located the bug. It is in arguments, the subfolder is not added to path. I have fixed the subfolder issue, and a new 0.60.7 installer has been uploaded. Please take a look when you have a chance.

Just tested the new version and it is fixed! Thank you @Mingbo!

Here is the project folder and here is the run.

To answer your initial question you can now cancel a job by right clicking on Check Job Status component and select cancel this job.