How to deconstruct a model created from an HBJSON file

Hey @chriswmackey ,

Thank you for the insights. I would like to know if there is a way to deconstruct the HBJSON file into rooms, and then manually assign the Program types and HVAC systems via the Ladybug tools in GH.

I tried using the HB Deconstruct Object component, but doesn`t seem to work. It throws up an error, “1. Solution exception:Unrecognized honeybee object type: <class ‘honeybee.model.Model’>”.

Do you have a solution for this? Can you please suggest me some components that I can use to achieve this?

Yes, you want to use the HB Deconstruct Model component instead of the “Deconstruct Object” component in your screenshot.

Then, you can assign the programs to the rooms with the HB Apply Programs component and rebuild everything into a new model with the HB Model component.

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