How to export pollination room properties from one rhino file to another

Hi guys,

So basically I’ve imported a model from IES. And I did a bit of geometry cleaning, and then I was under the impression that the model is valid. So I set in all the properties for all the rooms, and that was a task because I had different program types for different room types. Also, for some rooms I had to add further specific inputs under the loads tab.
After realising that the geometry was not valid, now I’ve finally managed to make a clean model in another file.
Is there anyway i can export those room properties from my first file and import into my second?

The room names are same, the geometry lay out is also same. only change is that the model is cleaner.

IF that’s not possible, I’ll try cleaning the geometry of my first file but that’s a whole another discussion.


Hi, @faaizahfaisal - and welcome to the forum!

We already resolved the issue in a private message. In short, this is a workflow that should be supported by the Rhino plugin using the PO_SyncModels command, but it wouldn’t work out of the box for your model since the IDs between the two models didn’t match.

To resolve the issue we developed a custom Grasshopper script that uses the display_name instead of the identifier to match the rooms.

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