How to run a simulation from Rhino locally?

Hello @mostapha , @chriswmackey

Im trying to use the Pollination Recipes locally in Rhino but hit a snag.

Im trying to run it locally and get an error that the ‘Object is not set to instance of an object’

I have the hbson file loaded into Rhino however Pollination panel never recognizes the linked model.

Error Message:

Hi @moses-woolpert,

You’re using a very old version of the Rhino plugin! The PO_RunSimulation command has been deprecated long time ago. Try using the PO_Panel instead. See this post for more information.

Thank you.


I have updated the plugin. I didnt realize i was out-of-date.

However when I run energy simulation on a model with two building types, I have an error.

When I delete one building type and run again, it runs successfully.

is there any way to run the the energy simulation with two building types, both Large Data Center + Adjoining Office?

I can send you the hbjson file.

Hi @moses-woolpert ,

Yes, please send an HBJSON. It’s hard to know what you mean by “run the energy simulation with two building types” without some context. There’s nothing that stops you from assigning some Rooms in your model programs from the Large Data Center’s Room Programs while assigning other Rooms in the model programs from the Large Office’s Room programs. So doing that should not be causing an error.

Hey @moses-woolpert ,

I took a look at your file and the issue does not have to do with mixing programs. It just has to do with the fact that the High ITE data center is an extremely high intensity program and the way that it is being used at the moment is causing EnergyPlus to become unstable and report unrealistically high temperatures.

I’ll take a look to see if maybe the issue might be related to some geometry in this situation (maybe E+ isn’t great with smaller geometries like doors under these extreme conditions).

In the meantime, I would just confirm. Are you sure that this large data center space has no circulation corridors and is composed of nothing but tightly packed racks of servers? At the moment, your model has an electric equipment power density that is 5 times more heat per square foot than noon on the sunniest day in Death Valley.

Actually, I figured out why the temperatures are out of control. Your model had no cooling system assigned to the rooms. So the simulation is definitely going to become unstable in the data center where you have 500 W/ft2 of electric load.

I guess now you know that the Data Center would become as hot as the surface of the sun if there were no cooling system and somehow the servers kept functioning :slight_smile:

I will send you a model with ideal air systems assigned that simulates correctly via PM.