How to run the simulation in a different project than the demo project?

I defined a new project in the site but don’t know how to set it as the project to simulate on instead of the default “demo”.


Hi @ayezioro, unlike Ladybug Tools recipes in Pollination are bounded to projects. This is by design so for org projects one can select the exact recipes that can be accessed in that particular project.

If you want to run the recipe in a different project then you have to load the recipe in that project. It will be the same recipe but bounded to the new project. You can double click on the recipe component and select a new project.

Of course!! :grimacing: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :zipper_mouth_face:When you know … you know!!
Thanks @Mostapha!!

:grin: I know. It’s not the most straightforward concept especially if you look at it from Ladybug Tools point of view but it makes sense when you think about it as a cloud applications with strictly defined projects. I’m sure so many users will have the same question.