How to set up the detailed inputs for an energy simulation from inside the Rhino plugin

Hi @mostapha , continuing the conversation here–I ran the energy simulation for the MarkKat House model, but had to do it through the web interface since for some reason the recipe wasn’t coming up in the Rhino menu. I got some results in the EnergyPlus report that seem quite off from what I got through Revit/EnergyPlus, but also realized there isn’t really a place for me to set certain parameters like building type and air tightness, and there isn’t even a program type set up for single family residential. The numbers are 3-4x higher for energy use than what we’d modeled with Revit/EnergyPlus.

Results using Pollination:

vs results using Revit + EnergyPlus

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Hi, @mishasemenov - Thank you for [re]posting the question here, and sorry for the slow response. I suggest you start here by setting up the energy model properties.

There are different sections for assigning program types, construction sets, and HVAC systems.

The only way to know what’s really happening is to have access to both IDF files and do a side-by-side comparison.