Illuminance results showing error: Handler-python: invalid literal for float(): -nan

Hi. I have multiple illuminance results showing the same error. When the file is opened in pollination, the entire grid results read as “-nan”. Is there any way to read this file?

Hi @monkspaces, I have to double-check your run to see how it has happened but the error is not with the handler an is actually happening in the simulation. I opened the results file and the results are set to -nan! You can see them here. These values should be numbers.

Hi @mostapha
Could the simulation error be an issue with the modelling?
Thanks for checking this out for me :slight_smile:

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Hi @monkspaces, I checked the model and the run and I can confirm that the rtrace command returns -nan (not a number) values.

The model looks fine. Not sure what’s going on when we create the octree and try to run rtrace. I suspected it has to do with the sky but using a different sky didn’t solve the problem. I can render the model using Rhino/Grasshopper which suggests the model itself doesn’t have an issue.

@sarith or @mikkel, can you have a look to this case. Try to run the run.bat file which creates the octree and then runs the rtrace command. (467.8 KB)

Here is what I get:

So, running rtrace with just the sky works:

Which means it must be envelope.mat/envelope.rad causing the issue. I looked into envelope.mat:

The refractive index of the glass modifier is set to 0.23. If I change the value to 1.00 or higher it runs:

EDIT: For good measure, @monkspaces, I will just add that the default refractive index of glass in Radiance is 1.52, and a value of 1.00 is that of air.

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Hi @mikkel
I ran the model with the default refractive index of the glass. Got results within 5 minutes.
Thank you for helping me figure this out. :grinning:

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