Importing Site Context Capabilities

Hello Pollination Users, we need your help and feedback!

At our User Meetup this month (Oct 21), we discussed adding a functionality to the Rhino plugin to import and create the 3D context using Open Street Map or Mapbox. There are several Grasshopper tools that already have this capability, Elk or ShrimpGIS, but want to know if we should add this capability to the Rhino plugin as a built-in feature.

Poll Question

Please rate how desirable a functionality to import and create 3D context from Open Street Map or Mapbox would be for you to enjoy using the Rhino plugin.

  • -2 Highly Undesirable
  • -1 Undesirable
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  • 1 Desirable
  • 2 Highly Desirable

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I mean… at least in terms of PassiveHouse stuff: #thanks_Ed_May
This feat would be suuuuuper choice in easily acquiring context shading that is typically mandated if applicable to the project in PHIUS certification:
So this feat via Ed’s current PhPy that uses LBT V1.xx to go into either PHPP, WUFI, or the other PH model type: would deffo be something that: I can speak for a couple others in the PH world I’ve talked to about this: would be suuuper thrilled about.