Improving 'sort by name' in terms of multi-.. space?place? numeric values

Sooo sorting by name when inclusive of numerical value:

#the_digits, which I understand from a coder/computational perspective.

would be legit if sort by name was as exists: alpha-numeric: and then takes into account multi-… place? is that the right word? multi-digit numbers?

Would be more than happy to sign NDA and get into the mix with the source to attempt to append tiny features like this into the mix.
I<3Codering lol

all the best


Thanks @trevor! Great observation. I’m sure there are already built solutions to address this as it is a very common problem. @mingbo, what are your thoughts? I did quick search and I found this:

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Thanks @trevor and @mostapha,

Just made some improvements. A new developer’s version will be ready in a couple of hours.

A new developer’s version 1.124.2 has been released.


Thanks, @mingbo! I can confirm that this has been fixed.

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