Incident Radiation App Error

Hi, I am having some trouble using the app for the incident radiation since it gives me this error, is there a way to solve it?
Thank you

Looks like a bug in the app. It might be because of the recent updates in the libraries.

Hi, @giacomobragadini - Thank you for reporting the error.

@chriswmackey - it is an error in honeybee-vtk trying to parse the results. Switching to ladybug-vtk, and honeybee-display will most likely solve this issue.

thank you but, how do i do it?

Hi, @giacomobragadini - In this case, it is probably better to wait for @chriswmackey. While the apps are in beta we will be making quick iterative changes to improve the overall infrastructure. That can result in some backward incompatibility.

If you like to give it a try yourself, the source code is here.

Sorry that I forgot to mention here earlier that the latest Incident Radiation App should work well with the latest Pollination Rhino plugin.

I still plan to make some further improvements to the App when I get the chance.