Including the LBT sample files in the installer

Hello -
Are LBT .gh sample files downloaded with single click Rhino installer (which also installs latest LBT components)?

Or should users still download separately from:


Hey, @victorbrac! Thank you for the suggestion. I agree that this can be a helpful addition but with the current speed of our development, it is also very high risk. Until we can find a way to automatically test and update the sample files we will end up with sample files that will not work right away.

What are your thoughts on this, @chriswmackey?

We make so few breaking changes on the Grasshopper plugin these days that I think the risk is pretty low. As long as the core libraries and simulation engines are correctly coordinated in the installation, the Grasshopper components can usually all be from the last stable release and still work correctly (they might just lack a new input or output that’s been added or something like that).

So I think we can probably include the Grasshopper samples in the installer without issues.