Information about Rhino plugin and Cloud

Hi, i have been using the grasshopper tools for some while but am thinking of upgrading to the rhino plugin mainly because of the calculation time in grasshopper on my local computer. I only need it for outdoor analysis (UTCI, wind simulations, sunhour simulations,…) I downloaded the trial version but it seems (ourdoor) UTCI is not part of the plugin and also wind tunnel simulation is not part of the plugin? If its not part of the plugin is it possible to get a subscription to the cloud so i can run the grasshopper scripts for utci and wind much faster? Thanks for the information, Simon

Hi @simonverbeeck, welcome to the forum!

You won’t need the Rhino plugin for your particular case. You can use the Grasshopper plugin to run the studies on Pollination cloud.

The studies are accessible from all the CAD plugins including Grasshopper. You can see the list of available recipes here.

We currently don’t support simulating airflow, but we have recipes for UTCI and direct sun.

You can access both of them from inside Grasshopper using the Setup Runs component.

Let me know if you have any other questions.