Input number window ratio - Model merging failed

My model is failing to merge because a few of my rooms have too large of window ratios.
The error message is:
Building “Building 1[Building_c4da575c-e3e4-4782-b7c3-d618b3baee41]” is invalid:
Story “LEVEL 4[Story_cab02e36-f5a5-46c8-a723-8432802dab14-0029ee86]” is invalid:
Room2D “UNIT 2F-401[Room_72a5a159-5392-453d-9220-4da4a8ed1ab8-0044d976]” is invalid:
Input number window ratio must be between 0 and 1. Got 1.4571642020561202

Is there a way to fix this besides manually changing the windows in Revit?

Hi @eschwartz,

Sorry about that! That is a bug that also indicates an issue in the model. I will share a newer version of the installer with you that has a fix for this case but you should also check this particular case and see what might be happening. You might need to filter some window materials out so the aperture gets parsed correctly. This usually happens when you have duplicate pieces of glass on top of each other.

I’ll send a link to you shortly.