Installing ladybugtools with pollination: Right paths in the user profile

Hi everyone,
i would like to clarify the directory paths after installation the single pollination installer with Rhino 7 in silent mode. Are these paths the right ones?


I was wondering there is no python folder int path, but maybe this is different to the the older legacy versions.

thanks Rue

Hi @ru1,

This %appdata%\ladybug_tools is the folder for saving user’s specific data.
The installation folder has been relocated to C:\Program Files\ladybug_tools by default if you don’t change the installation path.

Hi Mingbo,
thanks for the answer. I was just recognizing that when the %appdata%\ladybug_tools\weather folder was missing the wea files couldn’t be downloaded and skymtx would not be generated. I got these failures and it was solved when i created the missing weather folder :

regards rue

Hi @ru1! Thank you for reporting this. What’s the version of the Pollination installer that you are using? If you install the latest version of the plugin everything should work fine.

We realized this to be a problem quickly after making the change and @chriswmackey implemented a fix that downloads the files to the user folder if it fails to download them to the installation folder.

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we used the version 1.0.0 from 19th april. With the workaround to create the missing weather folder, it was working also in that version. So glad it is possible to use the roaming folder when the install folder is write protected. I will have a look to the release notes of the newer versions too

thanks for your help and great work and support

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