Installing on a work computer

Hi, I have been trying to get the grasshopper plug-in downloaded and installed on a work laptop but so far have been unsuccessful. We followed the instructions on the user manual page. I have Rhino 7 and the ladybug tools version v.1.3.0.

We managed to save in directly in the C drive but this didn’t help, and we tried opening and closing rhino 3 times but this also didn’t help. It can be a bit hard with a work computer as they have restrictions in place where I have to get IT involved to do any admin work.

Any suggestions on where we are getting stuck?

Hi @shanice,

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Can you be more specific about the issue that you have here? The Grasshopper installer uninstalls the current Ladybug Tools installer on your machine and installs the latest version that is compatible with Pollination.

Do you get an error message during the installation? Does it finish the installation but you can’t find the components? Or is it something else?

Hi @mostapha

As far as I can tell (as IT need to do the installation for me but I watch), we can get it downloaded and installed/saved onto the C-drive but when I open my grasshopper I cannot see a tab with the pollination details.

Thank you for the help,

Hi @shanice - you should not need admin privileges to install the Pollination Grasshopper plugin. All the files are installed under the user folder. Does the IT make sure to use your user account when they run the installer?

The files for Pollination should be under %appdata%\McNeel\Rhinoceros\packages\7.0\Pollination on your computer. Can you check and see if the files are there?

Also, I suggest downloading the latest version from yesterday. There was a small glitch with version conflicts in our installer because of a change in one of the external dependencies. That has been resolved.