Invalid: missing host

Hi everyone I have a question: I’m working with a PNNL model, the second floor didn’t come through so I had to remake it, though the apertures did come through for the second story. When I apply them to the new room I get the invalid: missing host.

Also when I delete them, the error message stays and a preview of the geometry also stays.


How does one resolve the missing host error?

US+SF+CZ2AWH+elecres+slab+IECC_2021_OS_EXPORT.3dm (372.9 KB)

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Most of the aps have been fixed by PO_RemoveProperties and then adding the geometry back as an aperture, but some still persist with the issue

Hi @tfedyna, it is a problem with the shade objects. Try to remove the properties and recreate them as shades. You can also assign them to the aperture as host if that’s how you want/need to model them.

Here is a short recording to fix one of them.

OOOH!! Super small shades! I didn’t zoom in enough to realize what was going on, I thought the shades error message on those two shades were from the window.
Woops my fault!
Thankyou @mostapha for the video and solving the issue!

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