Ironbug with Pollination

Hi, trying to catch up and get up to date on this. First and foremost - thank you to everyone for making pollination possible! Amazing job!

I wanted to know if I can use ironbug yet with pollination - and if yes- is there a workflow available? Apologies for cross-posting, or if this has been answered already!


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Hey @apoorvgoyal !

Thank you! :smiley_cat:

I’m pinging @mostapha and @mingbo on the Ironbug question.

You can always see the available recipes that Ladybug Tools provides at this link: Pollination Cloud App

I’m also adding @chris to the conversation here. As far as I know you cannot use Ironbug with the current recipes. It should be a good time to start the conversation about the best solution to make it happen.

Sorry for the late reply here. Our eventual plan is to support Ironbug by having a pollination-ironbug plugin that can take the OSMs output from honeybee-energy and assign the HVAC to them. Then you can simulate the OSM and postprocess the results with pollination-honeybee-energy as you would normally. It will probably be some time before we get there and I currently have OpenStudio measure integration as a higher priority on my personal to-do list than Ironbug integration. If you feel that these priorities should be different, that would be good to know.


Hi Chris, what is the current status of this?

This is a question for @mingbo! I know that he has updated all the Ironbug libraries recently.

Hi all,

I have finished the Ironbug side and OpenStudio C# SDK for Linux. The remaining work is to start building a pollinaiton-ironbug plugin for Pollination recipes which I didn’t get a chance to work on.

Thank you @mingbo for the reply. Now that we support using OSM files directly as an input to the energy simulation recipes, do we still need a pollination-ironbug plugin? I have been thinking the easiest way is to apply the Ironbug systems to the Pollination/Honeybee model inside Grasshopper and then used the generated OSM file to run the studies on Pollination. I have a limited knowledge in this area but my understanding is that should be already possible to do. Or am I missing a critical step here?

Yes, that will be the easiest way to do (and users are already able to do this now) if OSM could contain all data that honeybee needs for running and postprocessing.

Now, that’s tricky. :smile: what would be considered all data? My understanding is that we can do that already but @chriswmackey should know better.

If it is possible already, we should probably create a sample file and a sample run on Pollination.

Sorry for the late response here. Yes, I’d say it’s much more preferable for people to just export and OSM locally, add the IronBug HVAC to it locally, and then submit the OSM with the IronBug HVAC to the energy recipe.

If the OSM originated from a Honeybee model (that is, it was exported from the Model To OSM component), it will contain all of the data that’s required to simulate with the annual-energy-use recipe or the custom-energy-sim recipe. This includes everything that is needed to generate all of the HTML reports.

The only energy recipes that won’t really work with this approach right now are the comfort mapping recipes (since the OSM does not contain sensor grids) but hopefully there aren’t too many people who need to run the comfort maps with an IronBug HVAC yet.

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