Is it possible to have a Format Painter option for the Rhino Plugin

Hi all,

I’d like to have the option to use a kind of format painter

to transfer all settings of a room and its sub elements to another or several other rooms.
This should include all materials, constructions, schedules and so on…
Best case possible between two open Rhino instances.

What do you think how desirable it is?

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Hi @martin6,

Have you tried PO_MatchRoomProperties command. It basically does what you are asking for and it even gives you the option to select a subset of the properties to be matched.

I don’t know if that will be possible. You have to copy the room from on instance of Rhino to another one first, and after that you should be able to use the PO_MatchRoomProperties command.

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Hi @martin6, I re-organized the discussions on this topic as separate smaller discussions to keep this one concentrated on the topic. Let me know if the PO_MatchRoomProperties does what you had in mind. :grinning:

I would say it is rather disappointing in the case of copying in between instances, because there is nothing coming along with a copied room formerly fully defined.

There is nothing to gain in that case at the moment.

If you import new geometry into an existing file then the PO_MatchRoomProperties is really useful and definitely better to customize than a Format painter.

Sorry to hear that! :neutral_face: - @mingbo, is it how this is supposed to work? I thought copying between different instances of Rhino keeps all the data that has been assigned to the room?

Hi all,

here is the simulation outcome after I copied a room between two instances with files of the same origin.

Didn’t check the resulting values.
Turned out they where changed while copied from 0.0001 to 1 in case manually set of infiltration
and from 0.5 to 5 in case of ACH

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Hi @martin6, thanks for reporting this issue.

I think the issue is from the room that uses a custom library. So this is what happened: when you copy rooms from one Rhino instance to another, Rhino only copies rooms’ data, but all model-level data are not copied. Meaning if your room uses any custom model-level program type/construction set/HVAC etc, it would be an issue in the new Rhino instance which doesn’t have these library items.

Let me look around to see if there is a solution for this.

Hi @mingbo maybe my English wasn’t well enough to describe this properly. I copied between two Rhino instances running files of the same origin (only altered a bit, with the same libraries).

Also had trouble in the same setting with an accidentaly deleted door which copied inserted and added to a room. As a result there where two doors. I had to delete it and build another one from scratch.

Hi @martin6!

@mingbo and I had a chat today about the best approach here and it seems like using the PO_SyncModel command might be the best approach for now. This command allows you to bring the room from another HBJSON file with all the associated metadata.

One of the limitations of this method is that you have to save the model to hbjson first before using the PO_SyncModel command. @mingbo is going to see if it is possible to provide the same functionality for a 3DM file to make the overall process easier.

You mean to use something like the import function of Rhino or import from file, instead of copy and paste?

Yes. Similar but with more control.

Tried today and it works somehow. Was able to generate a new model and it runs if you do not work with it to much i.e. assigning internal doors.

post processing in GH doesn’t work. If I plug it into the AFN it becomes red and

  1. Solution exception:index out of range: 0
    Is the flag

In case of color by room or color by face display it works better than what I got before.
Left the display out of the copy workflow, right what I usually get

More a cosmetic issue.
In case of HVAC I’m blessed with a number of systems afterwards

For me just a single Ideal Air System is enough.

color by room or color by face Is actually worth a thread of its own because there are more things not working, just showed it here because some things work after a copy operation.

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