Is there one way for show Pollination command to toolbar for quick selection

I am newbie for Pollination Rhino plugin. There are so many Pollination command for modeling.
Is I just want to know how to show Pollination command to toolbar for quick selection?

I see Pollination for Grasshopper as a new tab.

Hi @minggang,

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Have you tried the Pollination command in Rhino? It should show you the panel that includes several modeling commands as icons.


Hi @mostapha Thanks for you quick reply.
I can see Pollination panel on the right for Rhino UI. The icons on the part can work fine for modeling, but Not all Pollination commands can do using the panel. So I want to some way to show all Pollination command for modeling.

I don’t know what it takes to create a panel but now I understand what you have in mind.

Probably a good starting point to learn about all the commands is the documentation page:

It is not the same as having them in the toolbar but it is a good place to start learning about them. There is a subcategory for Geometry Setup commands.

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I mean create a new rhino toolbar to add all Pollination command for quick modeling. Like Rhino 7 default toolbar Standard/CPlanes/SetView/Display.

After create a new toolbar ,we can add button for Pollination command.