Issues Logging into Apps in Rhino

@mostapha. Just tried to log into Apps in Rhino and encountered this message. Haven’t seen this previously.

What is the version of the Rhino plugin that you are using? I have never seen this issue too. Can you try it with the latest version of the Rhino plugin?

Are 3dm / hbjson from previous versions of Pollination fully compatible with current/future versions?

I’m concerned that if I update while working on current model I’ll run into issues.

Current Rhino Plugin Version

Yes. And if they are not you can always go back to the older version. We do NOT make breaking changes to the HBJSON schema. That will break the whole Pollination ecosystem. I can test them for you with the latest version if you want before you make the jump.

The latest version is version 1.3.7 which was released today. A reminder that once you update, you can use PO_CheckUpdates command.


Where are previous plugin versions exposed to user to download?
I don’t see this at rhino-plugin page. Perhaps, add link to archived versions and include release date + summary of changes in each version?

It will take us some time to do this in the right way! Until then I will be more than happy to provide you with a download link for the previous versions.