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Dear Ladybug community,

I recently tried to run 10 iterations of an energy model with pollination (changing the typology of the house and the type of windows).
The process seems to work at first: I iterate, record and run pollination. However, I realized that all 10 scenarios seem to be the same. I checked the “model” visualization on the pollination platform and I can see that the geometry didn’t change.
I did the exact same setup than in the tutorial video and could not find what is wrong. Any idea what I miss?

Please find attached the model.
Thank you for your help and the great work (166.2 KB)


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I’m experiencing the same issue, in my case with the daylight factor recipe (haven’t tried others though).

Actually, I think I just found the solution:
I changed both the name of the HB model and provided the Pollinate component with a list of keywords. Probably one of those fixed the issue, I’m suspecting the model name is the one.
Both the name and the list of keyword are ‘dynamic’, meaning that I named it in accordance with the input parameters/sliders.
I think in your case naming the HB model something like this: Model_typology1_window1 and the list of keywords something like typology1_window1 will work.

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In the concatenate component you can add a couple of inputs more so you can plug the sliders. In this way each simulation will get a distinct name, which BTW is your problem now: all simulations have the same name.


Yes. What @marctavenier and @ayezioro said. You are overwriting the input file if you don’t rename them for each run. Pollination uploads all the files together in one go which means your last file will be used for all the iterations.

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