Job Completed on Pollination cloud, but not able to load results

Hi, I’m having trouble getting the results back down from pollination…
as you can see from the screencap my job successfully completed on the cloud, but the check job status component is not letting me access the runs. It says: “1. [Error] Job status: [Created]. There is no run available in this job”

also would be great to be able to download all of the files en masse from a job like you can with google drive or sharepoint… I don’t have access to these results unless I individually downloading each sql file which is proving to be very tedious especially since they’re unlabeled with generic names. Another thought would be to add a file name input to our runs so when we pull back down the data we know what run is what.

Any help is appreciated! thanks again!

Hi @jakechevriersg! I can’t recreate the error on my side. Can you try this definition? (11.1 KB)

We have considered this before but these files depending on the size of the model can become very large. Can you be more specific on your use case? Are you trying to download all the results and create a design-explorer-like interface?

The best way to identify the runs is to use the user_inputs component and input to set as many additional inputs/metadata as you want. These can be used for identifying and filtering the results afterward.

Here is an example job that is set up using the additional user inputs. See the inputs under the extra inputs.

If I remember correctly I showed how to use the component in this video:

Thanks for the reply Mostapha!

I checked again today and was able to access the results…
I believe there was just a significant delay between the web base platform saying it was completed and actually being able to access the results via the CHECK JOB STATUS component. The SELECT JOB window also showed that it was completed, so not sure where its getting stuck. For reference, I was trying over and over for maybe two hours after noticing the simulation completed, so it wasn’t an insignificant amount of time that it was stuck.

Yes, my plan was to explore/compare the different iterations in design explorer or powerbi, to find a narrative that made sense for the runs.

I also utilized user inputs to organize it, which works really well when I’m looking at the result files via the web portal. But in the case last night, I had to do the following (see images) for all 32 iterations to download and get access to them for post processing.

Another idea would be a “DOWNLOAD” button which enables check boxes + check all on the columns or rows for what files to download. But again this should have subfolders or the sql/idf/etc files named with the userinputs or something along those lines.

Just thoughts and ideas to consider! Last night I was in a pinch because my local honeybee installation was also not working also, so I wasn’t able to even run locally. I’m planning to rerun the latest pollination installer again to hopefully solve HB (but requires IT admin access :roll_eyes:).

thanks again!

circling back to this topic @mostapha… I ran a job with 72 runs, says its complete on the pollination server, its been 37min since i first created it @ 2:05pm, and nearly 20 minutes since it finished @ 2:26pm…

GH component still not updating with job status, disabled and enabled the component and still no updates…

This job has been completed and I can download the runs. I wonder if the output from the Pollinate component has expired. What’s the error message from the Check Job Status component? (9.9 KB)

this is the error i get, makes me wonder if having the “CLOUD:” prefix on the job output is causing the error…

just tried feeding the same string you fed it, same error…

Can you try to open the file in a new instance of Rhino? Simply open a new Rhino and Grasshopper and open the file that I shared with you. I wonder is something strange with authentication is going on.

same issue unfortunantely…

Sorry! I tried my best. :expressionless: @mingbo, what’s the best way to debug this?

:smiley: no worries, always appreciate the effort! and always happy to help debug

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@mingbo more food for thought… i even tried the double click the component method, see the job completed, and still it shows the error after selecting it… also tried restarting computer and re-opening the file in rhino, logging in etc; with no luck…

I checked the job again before going to bed last night (7hrs after the job creation, and still didn’t have access via GH). I was able to open it this morning though!

so same as last time, I had to wait overnight to access the results of the job. Not sure where its getting locked up, but let me know how i can help debug this, as waiting 12+ hrs after the job completes to access results seems unacceptable.

This is absolutely unacceptable. @mingbo is traveling this week and early next week. Once he is back we should set up a call and debug this together. Whatever it is, it is related to some settings on your system. I tested the endpoint and it returns the correct status. That is why it shows completed on the website and also on my end.

@mingbo, can you think of a workaround until we get a chance to find the root of the problem and fix it?

I have the same issue on another job. Let me know when you’re available to troubleshoot.
thanks again for the support!

Hi @jakechevriersg! Really sorry about this issue happening again. I do have time later during the evening. Depending on @mingbo’s schedule we might be able to also get him on the call. Send me a private message and we can figure it out.

Hi @jakechevriersg and thanks @mostapha,

Could you get us the logs when you hit the issue again?
(You can right-click any of the Pollination components and find the log files here)