Job status not updating

Hello Pollination team. First thumbs up for the great product. I really enjoyed working with your amazing tool.
I was trying a simple parametric direct sun hours analysis on pollination. All jobs ran successfully, However, job status is not updating though all jobs have been done minutes ago.

This is the link to the run.

Hi @hshahriari, I can’t see this job and the project on Pollination since it is a private project.

The runs are finished on the server.

Hi @mostapha , thanks for your reply
No, it is still there. I was testing the “private” access, could it be the reason? (How can I make it public again?)
Test folder
Maybe good to add this:

Hi @hshahriari :wave:

Sorry for the bug on our end. I have fixed your stuck job manually. We have seen this happen on rare occasion for a few users over the last couple of months so I will make some time to get to bottom of this.

Thanks for the bug report!

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Hi @antoinedao @mostapha
I am experiencing this bug again. I have uploaded a parametric study with 100 variants each variant is a new job.
What I see is that the simulation was completed in 2 min for each job

However, the job status for all variants is not updaing and is stocked on the running

Hi @hshahriari,

The good practice is to submit them as several runs and as a single job. Is it a single job or multiple jobs that are stuck? Can you share the ID of one of them with me so I can have a look?

It was multiple jobs that were stocked. I had to run them as different jobs because of our workflow. The inputs were communicating with different algorithms and we couldn’t do several runs in a single job because the data structure should have been matching when iterating over them for reading the results.

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