Ladybug+honeybee+dragonfly dissapperared

I have installed Pollination and after it, all my Ladybug+henybee+dragonfly components have dissappeared from grasshooper panels.
however if I open a file with ladybug components, they appear in canvas, although ironbug doesn’t.
Is it normal?
Now I can’t install Ladybug anymore, it says there are errors. Even uninstalling pollination, I can’tinstall back nethier Ladybug…1.5 or 1.4 that I have being using without problems.

Hi @adriam71 - Welcome to the forum!

Any chance that you have customized the UI in Grasshopper? I remember some people having the issue of the components not showing up.

Ladybug Tools components are user objects and that’s why they show up. Ironbug components are compiled components and they will only show up if the plugin is installed.

Can you be more specific about the process and the errors? How did you install the plugins and how are you trying to uninstall them? What are the error messages?