Ladybug Incident radiation as a recipe on pollination


I am trying to figure out which of the following radiation recipes from pollination (as shown in the attached image and .gh file) will give me similar results as the “Ladybug Incident Radiation” component?
I also see other recipes on pollination like" Annual Irradiance" or " Point in time grid based" maybe one of these could give me the output that I’m looking for?

PS: i also need a mesh from the tested geometry as an output to analyze the results using LB mesh threshold selector or suggest me an alternative way?

If none of the recipes can give me the results as the LB Incident radiation, kindly suggest a solution.

Thank You

Incident (50.6 KB)

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Hey @yomnakhalifa ,

The “LB Incident Radiation” component runs a really simplified study, which can’t model light bounces. None of the current Pollination recipes have this restriction but the Cumulative Radiation recipe is the closest and you can get it to not have any light bounces if you customize the radiance parameters.

Note that you submit all the geometry of the Recipe as a Honeybee Model where the SensorGrids are for the geometry on which you want to study radiation. You can use the LB Generate Point Grid" component to generate sensor points and a corresponding mesh from any Rhino/Grasshopper geometry. If you don’t care about the reflectance of the geometry, you can model all context geometry as Honeybee Shades.