Ladybug Tools Uninstallation

Hi all

does somebody know how to deal with this impressive assembly of Ladybug Tools installations,
without loosing important data?

Regarding the time frame it is most likely related to Pollination Plugin installations.

Hi @martin6, Did you uninstall the plugins using the installer or did you delete them manually? If you use the installer to uninstall the older version it should also remove them from the registry.

Hi @mostapha I always uninstalled the plugins using the installer. No exceptions.
Always thought its not a big deal because the install didn’t needed any administration privileges.
Where do I have to look in the registry?

Hi @martin6, Thanks. Let’s wait for @mingbo and see if he can offer a solution here before trying other manual solutions.

Hi @martin6, if you were using uninstaller to remove the old version, then this seems an issue that I need to investigate.

For uninstalling process, you can just uninstall them all first before install a new version.

Followed your advise, now all user defined files are gone (like expected).

@mingbo is there a way to maybe (ask?) save user defined files somewhere else during the uninstallation and (ask?) to load them back when an update is installed?

We have discussed this internally and it looks like the best solution is to change our current folder structure and save the user data under a different folder so it stays on users machine even if they uninstall the application.