LB and HB legacy plugins disappeared after installing Pollination

Hi all,
upon installing Pollination, the LB and HB legacy plugins (0.0.66) have disappeared from GH.
Is this some expected behaviour, or is there anything that went wrong on my end?


Hi @a.botti, No. This is not an expected behavior. I have the legacy plugins installed and I install a new version of Pollination almost every day. In your case, did you have them under ladybug and honeybee or LB-Legacy and HB-Legacy?

I did have them under ladybug and honeybee, they had been there since I installed v1.1 (and now 1.2) alongside them. Should I try to re-install?
The legacy components work, but I need to copy paste them from old definitions as I cannot find them on the GH Component Tab

Yes. Please reinstall from the latest release on Food4Rhino and they should work as expected. I believe the latest version of the legacy plugins use LB-Legacy and HB-Legacy tabs not to conflict with the LBT plugins. See below: