LEED Recipe II - Error


I am running some Box model Test simulations using the LEED Recipe II on the local machine. I am facing issues as it crashes but I have not been able to troubleshoot the problem.

I have setup the model as per LEED Recipe I without aperture groups.

Any idea what I might have done wrong here?

Many thanks,

LEED II.gh (557.1 KB)

Hi @pkhanchandani,

It ran successfully on my end. Do you have a log file? You should find a file named logs.txt in a folder similar to this (I didn’t give my study a name):

Btw, you can use the model with the aperture groups in the LEED Option II recipe. You don’t really need to do that in your Grasshopper file, but it can be useful if you already have a model with aperture groups saved as a HBJSON file, and you want to run a LEED Option II study; then you don’t have to remove the aperture groups.

Hi Mikkel,

Thanks! Found the logs.

Also noted regarding the aperture groups!

logs.log (68.9 KB)

Hi @pkhanchandani,

The log file was not really helpful. Can you zip the folder and share it? Following my example path above you should zip the second “Unnamed” folder, i.e. the parent folder of __logs__.

Hi Mikkel,

Apologies for the late response.

I havent been able to add an attachment as I am a new user.

Ive uploaded it onto WeTransfer instead - WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

Hi @pranay,

Remove -c from your Radiance parameters. I assume you are using HB Radiance Parameter in which case you should set _recipe_type to 0 for LEED Daylight Option II.