License pool revit-plugin

Hello Mostepha,
I couldn’t be able to select the settings and export model from the Revit (2022.1.2) plugin pollination. The license manager states there is no valid license pool found.

Hi @herosh! From the error message your trail license has expired and you need a valid license to use the plugin.

Did you already buy a license for the Revit plugin? If that’s the case, can you see it when you go to the license pool page? You can find the page in the drop-down if you click in your profile picture on Pollination.

This was related to loading the settings file in Revit to find the dependencies on some computers. We made some improvements to ensure it is not going to be a problem anymore. Upgrading to the latest version will resolve the issue.

Dear Mostapha,

are there free educational licenses for the Revit plugin for university/ students?

Best regards

Hi @kfor, This one got lost. We review them on a case-by-case basis. I think I helped your student today. He should be fine with his project.