Licese error code 48. Failed to connect to the server due to network error

Hi, i want to free trial for 14 days plug-in for Revit, but do not found de license.
I show the same messages when open Revit.

How can i test the plug in?

Hi @jairo - We moved on from the WIP license a long time ago. Are you sure that you are getting the same error message? If that’s the case, download the latest version and that will give you a 14 day trial period.

It’s very strange, I already downloaded the software twice and I thought I already had the latest version, use revit 2021 may have something to do?

Can you provide a screenshot of the error message? Also, can you confirm the version of the Revit plugin?

I confirmed the Revit plugin is 2.132

Hi @jairo - this is a different error. It fails to connect to the licensing server. Are you using any proxy or firewall that might be blocking the connection? See the discussion here:

We use Cryptlex for our license manager.

Thank you, this is a solution for my error.
But i have a new problem whit the license, when i start pollination for Revit show this messages.

When I continue on the web, this appears. But i can use the plugin.

Hi @jairo - glad that the initial issue is resolved. For the second one, you shouldn’t need a license for the first 14 days. Did it say that the trial license is expired?

You can or you cannot use the plugin? If you can use the plugin, then we can mark this topic as resolved.

I cannot use the plugin, when I try to use it, it says that my license has expired.

Hi @jairo - I added you to the Ladybug Tools license pool for the next 14 days so you can try the plugin for free. Let me know how it goes.

Hi, i have free trial for 14 days Polllination plug-in Rhino but when i when I try to use it, it says that my license has expired.

Hi @farnazm73, Are you using a VPN? Make sure that your network/firewall is not blocking the connection to the Pollination server.