List Jobs by Sub-Folder

Is there a way to get a list of jobs from a specified sub-folder?

I’ve created a new project and run several jobs - both in the main folder as well as in the 2 sub-folders (Phase_1 and Phase_2). The List Jobs component given me a list of ALL jobs in the project, but what if I wanted to filter by a specific sub-folder?

I’m still getting used to the workflow so there may be a better method for this, but currently I’m thinking that the “project” (in this case “Personal”) would refer to an actual project i.e. a building; I would then use the sub-folders for different studies, e.g. one for daylighting and one for energy. I would almost want another sub-folder layer for different design options or different parameter studies, but don’t think that’s possible? Maybe the workflow is to just use the naming for differentiation.

I think I sort of answered my own question there, but will leave up this post in case anyone has some helpful insight.

Hi @Max, Great questions.

Project folder

A project Files tab is like a project folder on your local drive or Google Drive. You can indeed create subfolders inside subfolders. The UI doesn’t allow you to build one right now but if you upload a folder with subfolders or just drag and drop them you will see that you get a folder with subfolders and files. Here is an example: Pollination Cloud App

Relationship between a job and the project folder

The relationship between a job and a project folder is a bit different from what you expect. A project folder is the repository for all your input files and folders for the project. These files can be removed, overwritten or modified over the lifecycle of the project.

When you execute a job Pollination makes a copy of the inputs files for that job to a new folder and use them for the runs. These files cannot be modified.

Here is the folder for the job above. The outputs for each run also lives there. You can click on the run and check the workspace for all the input and output files as well as the files that are generated during the run. See this one.

You can think about the input files for each job as a snapshot of the files available in the project folder. They will not change during the project so you can always access all the input and outputs for a job and each run inside that job.


That’s another good observation. The best way to be able to find the jobs for a specific phase of the project or another metadata metadata is to set the keywords for each job. We haven’t exposed this functionality in the UI but you can search the jobs using these keywords. In the near future, you can do searches between several jobs and do comparative studies as needed.


cc: @antoine