Load Jobs Component Freezing


I have loaded a 256 run simulation into the load runs component and it is causing GH to freeze. I have opened new solvers, re-loaded GH, and loaded in new instances of the component, but the same error crops up again and again. Not sure what I can do to fix this :confused:

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @compdesignernz,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Can you provide more information about the Job and the recipe that you used. Are you also trying to download the results at the same time?

@mostapha I am downloading the results from a completed job (Aurecon Wellington Parliament) - 256 runs.

The issues I am having are:

  1. the project Wellington Parliament isn’t always visible in the select project dialogue box (but it is in the dialogue box for setup recipe component).
  2. the check job status component isn’t loading the results if the project is visible

I am only trying to download the results. I have already completed the job on Pollination.

It also says succeeded in the pollination job on the app, but it says it is still running in the GH component

Thank you @compdesignernz for the information.

Can you add @mingbo to the project so he can test it from our side tomorrow. Thanks!

@mingbo do you have two accounts for pollination or just the one (@mingbo). @Max doesn’t want to add someone he shouldn’t

The @mingbo is the official one which you can add!

Sweet. I’ll pass that on

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Hi @compdesignernz ,

Our server recently has an update for big parametric jobs (thanks @tyler), and your job’s status and all runs’ status are also updated if you refresh the site. If you try to reload them in GH, all runs’ assets should be able to be downloaded successfully. Please let us know if you have any questions or issues.


Awesome!! Thanks so much @mingbo and @tyler

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