LoadAssets component sometimes outputs Results as path and sometimes as list of numbers

FYI @Mostapha, just noticed some strange behaviour here:

unnamed.gh (11.7 KB)

Not sure how I got there…

Hi Max,

That’s not an error. The Load Assets component at the bottom is post-processing the results using handlers. You can right-click on the component and see the setting.

What @devang said! It is a feature and not a bug! I just want to add more context here about the handlers and aliases.

Pollination/Queenbee supports the concept of aliases and handlers for inputs and outputs to be able to pre/post-process the input to/from Recipe. This is how we make it possible to reuse the same recipe on different platforms.

In this case we load the results from the file as numbers which is what someone would expect to get in Grasshopper. In Rhino the same output will be a colored grid, the same in Revit.

This is also how you can connect a Model to a recipe or a Rhino or Revit model gets prepared for a Recipe - which needs a HBJSON file. As a user you shouldn’t be worry about it but it will become important if/when you want to develop your own recipes.