Loading Assets - Zip file, Run name, Mass Download

I saw this in the menu but didn’t know what it meant, thats exactly what i was looking for the ladybug fly component! thank you for sharing that…

Re:Naming… this actually works pretty well!

my previous attempt of this was downloading from the file browser on pollination (since i had access issues with the check job status component), and it got really cumbersome. I was attempting to download just the sql file from every run, and would have to dig through the folders, download it, rename it, and move onto the next one. so them all having the same name became a big pain.

On the zip file, whats even more strange is some of the files are downloading as SQl files and some files are downloading as ZIP files… Index 0 is SQL, 1-4 are ZIP, 5+ is all SQL

Hi @jakechevriersg! Did you make sure to set the components to be blocking? When you animate a slider you need to make sure the components block the Grasshopper execution until the download is finished.

Similar to the other issue that you have, I can’t recreate the issue on my end. It is unzipped as a SQL file. Do you have the Post-process option selected to post-process it after downloading it?

A quick solution is to add an additional component to unzip the file for you. Ladybug has a method that does it. Let me know if you need some help putting the code together.

This is how we imagined users to do it. Basically, you can name every run yourself. Otherwise, how are you thinking to name all these parametric runs?

Hi @jakechevriersg! This script should get you going until we figure out what is going on with your system.

It has a component that unzips the file if it is a zipped file and another one that allows you to rename the file to a new location with a new name.

download_unzip_rename_jake.gh (7.8 KB)

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