Login issues on website

Hi all,
im facing issues when i try to download the grasshopper plugins.

If im not logged in on Pollination Grasshopper Plugin and if I hit login or download buttons i get this. It doesnt allow me to actually login to an existing account, it only asks me to make a new one. Yet it kind of knows my name as you can see in the screenshot.

I just tried logging into the discourse using google. Yet im not able to download the plugin on the website.

Hi, @sonderwoods1 - any chance that you have a firewall that is blocking the communication between the browser and the Grasshopper? Can you login using other methods?

And how did you end up having two accounts? Can you use this one that you’re using to login to Discourse?

This is not using GH. I can’t get to download the plugin anymore. It’s just the website

No accounts? No clue. I try to logon with my email and it forces me to use Google as the email already exists.

Hi, @sonderwoods1 - I sent a private message with a link so you can download the plugin.

Now back to the issue of logging in. I can see that somehow you created two accounts on Discourse but you only have one account on Pollination.

There is this account (Profile - Sonderwoods - Pollination Discourse) that is linked to your office email, and now you have this new account (Profile - sonderwoods1 - Pollination Discourse) that is linked to yur Gmail, and doesn’t exist on Pollination app. There is no https://pollination.cloud/sonderwoods - Somehow the second one has partially overwritten the first one and you now have a mixed account. The reason you can log in here with the new account is that this is the email that is available in our database but it is linked with the original user name. It will be helpful to understand how you were able to do this.

I changed the email for sonderwoods account to your work email. That means that you should be able to log into Pollination with your work email. Make sure to use the Continue with Google method.

Also, if you try to log in to https://app.pollination.cloud using your Gmail and the Continue with Google method, it should create the new sonderwoods1 account for you under the app and should fix the issue with the new account.

Let me know if you need a call o resolve this while sharing the screen.